Waiting Patiently

The wait doesn’t seem so long when you’re watching the latest “Ellen”! Not only does the wait seem shorter, there’s increased privacy for personal conversation when there’s visual entertainment in Doctor, Dental or Specialist waiting rooms and treatment rooms. Your Musicworx Experts also have experience in dental office installations using specialized mounts for over-the-chair televisions. … Read more

Raising the Bar/s

THE GOOD OLD DAYS… Remember when “we” were growing up, there was NO media allowed at dinner. No phones at the table. Television was turned off… Well, those days are long gone and people seem to want and even need to have media at their fingertips constantly. And all parents know how the moving sound … Read more

optimal tv viewing distance

Perfecting Proximity: Finding The Optimal TV Viewing Distance

Is bigger always better? There’s always been a sense of pride and accomplishment when purchasing a 50″ or larger screen.  While larger screens can help you see the image better, it’s possible they may be overkill when used in smaller rooms. When looking for a new TV, it may make sense to buy a smaller TV that better fits your room for the best viewing experience.

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4K TV As Computer Monitor

Using a 4K TV As A Computer Monitor

In the past, TV’s and computer monitors were quite different. Traditionally TV’s were built to handle an analog signals, from things like antennas and coaxial inputs, whereas computers relied on their trusty VGA ports. Today however TV’s receive their video through the same HDMI ports used on computer monitors. With the popularity and relatively lower cost of a 4K TV compared to a 4K computer monitor, many have asked, Why can’t you simply use your 4K TV as a computer monitor?

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