SAMSUNG Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (UBDM9500)

3.67 out of 5
(15 customer reviews)


  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Support
  • Private Cinema Mode
  • Expanded Mobile Integration
  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

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15 reviews for SAMSUNG Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (UBDM9500)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Didn’t know what I was missing

    Paired this to a Samsung KS8000 series TV. Simple set up and instant gratification. Up until now I had only seen streaming 4K content from Amazon and Netflix. 4K Blu Rays are simply gorgeous (the FBI warning looks like a sticker on your screen you could peel off), and the depth of the colors is noticeable even beyond the streaming versions. 1080p Blu Rays look SO much better now than they did with the old Blu Ray player.

    The VUDU app, unlike the one on the KS8000, allows proper streaming of 4k HDR content, although for Netflix there is a little buffering period when a movie starts I haven’t noticed on the TV App. Only 30 seconds or so of non-HD.

    My current receiver doesn’t handle all of the new sound formats, but while waiting for an upgrade I can still hear the difference in my 12 year old 5.1 system.

    Although my TV isn’t curved the design of this player is not a problem. It’s in a cabinet and not noticeable. The remote for the player is very similar to the KS8000’s, enough that I can easily control the TV without having to switch.

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  2. 4 out of 5



    the dvr is great the remote will not open the dvd tray I have to do it by hand need a new remote

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  3. 4 out of 5


    Great Features!

    I bought this Samsung DVD Blu-Ray player because I had a new Samsung TV and Sound bar and my old DVD player would not work.On line suggested staying Samsung was best. I had to call Samsung support to get the TV to see my new player, they were great. Still now and then I get a no signal message and I have to repeat everything to get it to work. Otherwise works great. My only other complaint would be the LED indicator on the unit are on top and hard to see, brighter and on the front would be nicer!

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  4. 5 out of 5

    Nobody Important

    Nice Player

    Bought this to go with my new Samsung QLED. Great unit. Was an easy hookup with the TV and my AV Receiver. One line from tv to receiver, one line from receiver to Blu-Ray player. Great picture and sound. Really like it. Big difference in the up scaling of DVDs played on it to.

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  5. 5 out of 5


    It does its work, but it should be smaller.

    I finally have a 4K UltraHD disc player!!! I live watching movies and since I am beginning to purchased more 4K movies I updated. The disc player looks great, beautiful finish, but I wish Samsung begins to build an smaller disc player that doesn’t take a lot space. Having such a large item it’s a turn off. All really needed is a Either a USB or HDMI for power, and a optic cable! Common Samsung! Do it for me!

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  6. 5 out of 5


    Finally.. A Blu-ray Media Player that Works..

    I went with two other players before this one and returned them both within a few days time because of malfunctioning, sloppy software in both of them. I though, how hard is it to find a 4K player that actually works without all of the B.S.?? So, I chose this one and glad I did. Unbelievably sharp, clear picture, excellent sound, solid build and to top it all off, it works! I haven’t had not one glitch with it yet. Wi-fi is being picked up from clear across the house and works perfectly. Also, what really sold me on this is all of the online content it has. I don’t need to use my R**u anymore. This should be a top choice for anyone looking for a no nonsense 4K player that does everything it says it can.

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  7. 1 out of 5


    Bad! Right Out of the Box

    I purchased the Blu-ray directly from Samsung. It took 2 weeks to ship and 2 more weeks to even arrive. Even though I live on the West Coast, the package went from California to Pennsylvania and then back out West. Once received, I plugged in the Blu-ray and turned it on. The main disc wouldn’t even open. I could hear a motor drive but it would not open. There were no visual marks on the device. I connected it to my Samsung smart TV. It was recognized for a few minutes but then the TV would say there was no signal from the player, even though the TV recognized the device. I called customer service. I didn’t need to wait long (good) but the person I spoke with didn’t seem to understand English very well since I had to repeat myself several times (bad). After much troubleshooting, the “technician” said that there was something wrong with the Blu-ray player. They would send me a shipping label, would check it out and try and fix it. I told him that I had paid for a new player and not a refurbished one. I was told that I would get a call within 24 hours to tell me the next steps. We’ll see when they call.

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  8. 5 out of 5



    Paired this with the Samsung 75″ 7Q and it is amazing.

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  9. 5 out of 5


    Alll features work seamlessly

    Have had only one little glitch, one BLu-Ray skipped for a few seconds, looked at CD and found a little greasy finger print, my bad. So clean your CD’s.
    Connection very easy, complete set-up in one minute. Paired to a Samsung Q led 6 55″ 4K TV, fantastic up-scaling, makes for a great viewing experience.
    Worth the money. Thanks Smasung

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  10. 5 out of 5

    Streaming much TV

    Fantastic for Streaming

    On Jan 25, 2019, the new Samsung Blu Ray Player M9500 arrived. I used a high speed 9ready for 4k) HDMI cable to connect it to my 2010 HD TV (42′, not 4k, not a Samsung) & another high speed HDMI cable to connect to my 2011 Sound Bar (3.1, not Samsung).

    I will use the 9500 to play DVDs & Blu Ray discs, but I mostly wanted it for streaming since my TV is an early smart TV that has a Netflix app, but not Amazon Prime. My TV won’t output audio except 2.1 PCM so the Netflix sound was not as good as it should be. I was streaming Amazon Prime via HDMI cable from desktop computer to my TV (and the Prime sound not the sound quality that I could get). Both Netflix & Prime audio was going via Toslink digital cable from TV to Soundbar. To pause Prime, I had to run over to my computer.

    With Wireless, I connected the Samsung 9500 to the Internet. Amazon Prime picture now is truly beautiful on my TV, way better than streaming from computer was. Netflix picture remains beautiful or I think looks even better now with the Blu Ray Player. Audio is now fantastic thru my soundbar for both Netflix and Prime because the highest quality sound (usually Dolby Digital but some PCM) is going from the Blu Ray Player from Netflix and Prime into the soundbar via the 2nd HDMI. I only have one Blu Ray movie disc on hand which plays DTS, and that audio sounds fine, too.

    When I turn on the Blu Ray Player, even before I programmed its remote to turn on & off my TV (and change the input to the Blu Ray Player), the Blu Ray Player turned on the TV.

    When the Blu Ray Player comes on, the screen shows at the bottom that you can insert a disc or click for Netflix or Amazon Prime or a few others such as Hulu or the Internet. The 9500 is super fast. The streaming services have not disconnected (as they did sometimes thru my TV’s Netflix ap) or given me any problem! I did not want to replace my TV & my research indicated that Samsung blu ray players are the best streaming devices, without glitches, for the best quality!

    As I said, there is an “Internet” choice at the bottom of the home screen and it is a full web browser. I haven’t downloaded anything from it but I did check that it works.

    I went to download any updates for the 9500 but the screen said there’s no updates yet.
    CONS: (1) this doesn’t happen via streaming, but when I pause a disc & then wish to resume playing it, a white information banner takes up the top one fourth of the screen for 10 seconds, longer than it ought to, so that will be a minor annoyance.
    (2) The remote control is light & feels lovely but really needs words (like pause) printed on it. All printing should also be easier to see.

    Overall, I love this blu ray player. It was my 1st Samsung item of any kind & I will be happy to consider more Samsung products.

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  11. 2 out of 5


    Close But NO Cigar

    This player boasts fabulous video & audio capabilities. The two [major] shortcomings are #1) The goofball designers made it curved! What about the countless people who have FLAT TVs- along with every other Hi-fi component being FLAT?!? #2) There is no “frame-by-frame” advance. On other players, you could “pause” & then click the “step/frame” button to advance (or rewind) frame-by-frame with each push of a button.
    Come on, Samsung…

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  12. 2 out of 5


    Great player

    Has good review bought one and it broke five weeks after purchase. Now in transit for repairs.

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  13. 5 out of 5


    New Model

    Anyone know when this great model is set to refresh?

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  14. 1 out of 5

    Down Hill For Samsung

    Terrible Player!!! Bad Hardware!!!

    I bought this Samsung 4K Blu Ray UBD-m9500
    From Best Buy five weeks ago and I just bought a couple of 4K disc. Marvel and Black Panther.
    I played them and they looked dark and washed out.
    I called Samsung Customer Service and after
    1 1/2 hour of trying to fix it he told me the Player does not have the hardware to decode the Disc properly
    HDR 10 / Dolby Vision
    He said they were sorry and nothing they could do.
    I told him how can they sell a 2018 4K Blu Ray Player and less than a year it does not work on all disc.
    I have been a long time Samsung loyal customer for over 20 years and will never buy another item from them.
    Best Buy will not return my 4K Player because it’s been over 30 days.
    I am now stuck with this 4K Player!!!!

    Originally posted on

  15. 1 out of 5

    Dan Da Man


    No Hulu! There’s a Hulu app on the box with Netflix and others, that’s why i just bought this newer 4k 5G wifi player to replace my still good HD 5G wifi Samsung player where the Hulu app quit working. I’m going to have to return this and might be my last Samsung purchase!

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