What Are Passive Radiators in Speakers?

Passive radiators are used in many modern speakers because they are a terrific way to get a whole lot of extra oomph out of a sound system without diverting valuable energy into creating that lovely bass effect that we all enjoy so much. They are common in smaller, modern, computer-driven speaker systems largely because they … Read more

FACE THE MUSIC – Specially for Salons and Spas!

music = ambience

At Musicworx AVU  we understand that you need the perfect music to create a relaxing, Zen-like environment for your customers

We also understand you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Our experts can advise you on the perfect system to meet your specific needs so you can get on with enhancing people’s lives.

HEOS and SONOS  multi-room wireless systems give you maximum flexibility.

We can also help you get set up with ad-free music servers so you can have a variety of music or

playlists for different rooms, clientele or treatment areas.




Whether you currently use Sirius, Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music or

another online music source, you want it to sound great, so call us for a consultation.



Waiting Patiently

The wait doesn’t seem so long when you’re watching the latest “Ellen”! Not only does the wait seem shorter, there’s increased privacy for personal conversation when there’s visual entertainment in Doctor, Dental or Specialist waiting rooms and treatment rooms. Your Musicworx Experts also have experience in dental office installations using specialized mounts for over-the-chair televisions. … Read more

Raising the Bar/s

THE GOOD OLD DAYS… Remember when “we” were growing up, there was NO media allowed at dinner. No phones at the table. Television was turned off… Well, those days are long gone and people seem to want and even need to have media at their fingertips constantly. And all parents know how the moving sound … Read more

Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

Advanced Audio: How Dolby Atmos Brings Surround Sound To New Heights

Sound is nothing if not complex. In any given scene of a movie, concert, or game, there are dozens of different sounds happening simultaneously, each of which contributes to the overall quality of the audio. Surround sound systems seek to include each of these contributing sounds for a rich listening experience, but doing so requires both advanced audio storage methods and a flexible speaker system that can blend multiple different sounds at different levels of intensity. As one of the most complex surround sound systems on the market, Dolby Atmos can play sound from a wide range of objects at once, allowing you to experience every element of modern audio.

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wireless speaker sonos keeps cutting out

What To Do If Your WiFi Speaker Keeps Cutting Out

One of the most frustrating experiences you can go through is having your wifi speakers cut out right as your favourite part of a song comes on. It’s the audio equivalent of the hated buffering notices on streaming video. But why is it happening? You set up your speakers with no problems, your WiFi seems to be working fine on your phone and computer, yet your WiFi speaker keeps cutting out! Before you end up throwing your speaker into a wall, try some of the following troubleshooting tips to help your connection.

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best hifi stereo system under $1000

Ears Up! Starting Your HiFi Journey With The Best System Under $1000

Music never sounds better than when played through a proper Hi-Fi system. A powerful receiver with an amazing set of speakers can bring you onto the stage, or into the recording studio with your favourite artists. It also has the power to bring the big cinema experience right into your living room. Like with anything in life, you get what you pay for, but that being said, this article aims to help you start your Hi-Fi journey down the right path with the best system you can build for under (or around) $1000.

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