Setting Up A Wireless Multiroom Audio System With Sonos Speakers

Sonos speakers make it possible to set up an integrated speaker system throughout your entire house that’s both affordable and easy to set up. In the past, the only way to have music played throughout your home would be to wire in-wall speakers throughout your home. Not only were the speakers and receivers expensive, but the renovations on your home could take days, and be very disruptive.

Sonos speakers utilize your home’s WiFi network to sync the speakers in different rooms. Simply plug in each speaker to the wall, and the Sonos app will quickly guide you through the setup process. Getting your entire home set up can be done in minutes, which is truly incredible considering what it used to take to have speakers throughout your home.

Once you are set up, Sonos speakers also allow you to divide rooms, so you could have either the same music or different music playing in each room. You can also pair speakers in a Left-Right stereo configuration if you wanted to have multiple speakers in a single room.

Is it family move night? Pair the Sonos Playbar with the Sonos Subwoofer, and a pair of Sonos ONE speakers and create a wireless 5.1 channel surround sound system!

For more information on how to use Sonos speakers to set up your own wireless multiroom audio system, contact us today.