Multi-Zone and Outdoor Audio

Having music throughout your home is now more affordable than ever!

What used to be reserved for the most prestigious homes and requiring extensive installation is now available to most anyone. Furthermore it is completely retrofittable and scalable, allowing you to easily add on rooms as desired or budget allows.

You can listen to radio stations from around the world, access your own music, or stream on-demand subscription music services with many offering libraries of over 25 million songs.

You can play the same or different music in any room, or any combination in between. The user flexibility has never been greater.

From affordable SONOS, Yamaha, and Monitor Audio to world class high-performance brands like Denon and Paradigm, MusicWorx can design a system that is just right for your budget.

MusicWorx also offers a wide array of seasonal speakers for outdoor use, designed to handle the punishing environmental conditions our West Coast can deliver.

Come on in for a demonstration of these exciting products and learn how you can outfit your home today.