SAMSUNG 7.1.4Ch Atmos Home Cinema Soundbar (HWN950)

$1,999.99 $1,499.99
Sale ends Jun 27, 2019

  • Built-in Up & Side Firing Speakers
  • Built-in Center Channel
  • WIFI Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Wireless Connection w/ Samsung TV”s

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General Feature
Total Power 512W
Number of Channel 7.1.4 Ch
Number of Speaker 17
Frequency Range 34Hz~17kHz
Speaker Type Sealed Enclosure
Subwoofer Type ( Active / Passive / Wireless, Bulit-in ) Wireless
Subwoofer Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
Subwoofer Driver Size 8 inch
Center Speaker Yes
Up-firing Speaker Yes
Side-firing Speaker Yes
Audio Feature
Surround Sound Expansion (Virtual Surround Sound) Yes
Dolby Digital Dolby 5.1ch / Dolby DD
Dolby Dolby True HD
Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos
DTS Digital Surround DTS 5.1ch
Number of Sound Modes (DSP) 3
Sound Modes SSE,Standard,Smart
Game Mode No
UHQ 32bit Audio Yes
Wireless Rear Speaker Included Yes
Auto Sound Mode Yes
Wide Range Tweeter Yes
Distortion Cancelling No
Hole Array Technology No
Video Feature
3D Video Pass Yes
4K Video Pass Yes
Decoding Format
MP3 Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
One Control Yes
Wireless Frequency Band 2.4/5GHz
One Cable (Power Pass to TV) No
Alexa 3PDA Yes
Anynet (HDMI-CEC) Yes
USB Music Playback No
USB Host Only for update
Micro USB for LAN/SW Update No
Ethernet Port No
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Bluetooth Power On Yes
Number of HDMI Input/Output 2/1
HDMI Version 2.0
HDCP 2.2 Yes
Number of Audio Input No
Number of Optical Input 1
Auto Power Link Yes
Special Feature
Smart Things App (Changed from Samsung Connect App) Yes
Samsung Audio Remote App (Bluetooth) No
Wall Mounting Yes
Compatible with SWA-8500S No
Compatible with SWA-9000S No
Multiroom App No
One Power No
Packing Type One Packing
Net Dimension (Main Speaker) (WxHxD) 1226 x 83 x 136
Net Dimension (Wireless Module) (WxHxD) N/A
Net Dimension (Sub Woofer) (WxHxD) 203.5 x 400 x 415.5
Gross Dimension (WxHxD): One Packing 1292 x 262 x 606
Net Weight (Main Speaker) 8.8 kg
Net Weight (Speaker) L : 2.0kg, R : 2.0kg
Net Weight (Sub Woofer) 9.6 kg
Gross Weight (One Packing) 27.5 kg
Stand-by Power Consumption (Main) 4.5(Wi-fi/BT off 0.3w)
Stand-by Power Consumption (Subwoofer) 0.5w
Operating Power Consumption (Main) 35W
Operating Power Consumption (Subwoofer) 28W
Free Voltage Yes
Energy Star No
Remote Controller Yes
HDMI Cable Yes
Optical Cable No
Audio Cable No
USB Cable No
Wall Mount Bracket Yes
TV Mount No
Battery Yes

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  1. 5 out of 5



    I am a huge fan of Harman and Kardon. It is amazing to know that Samsung and H&K made a partnership together to release an amazing soundbar. Hooray! It will never disappoint. Expertise (H&K) plus innovation (Samsung). This is a bomb!

    Originally posted on

  2. 5 out of 5


    Huge step over K950

    Bout the k950 a month ago was pretty disappointed with rear speakers and sub cracking and disconnecting. Went back to my magnolia Best Buy store and somehow they had got 1 n950 and wasn’t on website or in systems yet after research I was highly anticipating the upgraded n950 with Harmon Kardon. So I bout the n950 and returned k950. The difference is unbelievable not even just the connectivity between soundbar and sub/rear speakers, but the sound is so crisp and loud. Two sound bars that look exactly the same in the k950 and the n950 but once turned on they are nothing alike. Great job

    Originally posted on

  3. 5 out of 5

    Samsung guy

    The best soundbar out there!!!

    I purchased the long awaited HW-N950 sound bar as soon as it was available and I have to say I am very happy with it. It is definitely addicting and I look forward to come home to watch movies/series for an immersive sound experience. Samsung has definitely step it up with Harman/Kardon now part of the family. Dialogue/speech are crystal clear even during scene with lots of dynamic such as explosions and/or loud background music. Movies like Jurassic World definitely make you feel like you’re in a theater with the up firing channels and rear speakers as well as the sub-woofer shaking the couch. Even TV series on HBO gave me goose bumps and jump from unsuspecting ghost/demonic voices that came out of nowhere. The sounds are so realistic that my dogs keep barking each time a door bell ring in a movie/TV scene. They have never done that before with my previous sound bar. Last but not least, the sound bar is able to get loud even on low settings especially at night. I had to turn the volume down below 10 while watching Jurassic World to test it out. Overall, it is the best Atmos/DTS:X sound bar out there that you’ll find. There is no competitor. I definitely recommend if you want to get a real home theater experience if you’re looking for a simplistic look without the hassles of running speaker wires all over your house. It is definitely an elegant system that is powerful enough to rattle your windows but so clear that you’re able to hear whispers in quiet scene.

    Originally posted on

  4. 2 out of 5


    Tricky set up

    Tricky and complicated to master. Difficult to setup properly and to calibrate

    Originally posted on

  5. 4 out of 5


    My only gripe…

    Overall a great system, my only gripe is the lack of listening mode options, there are only 3. I purchased the HW-N950 because there are two additional rear speakers, unlike most other soundbar systems. Problem is, there is no “stereo” listening mode to get the full range of sound to fire from the rear speakers. For example, when watching the news, I want the vocals to also come from the rear. Not going to happen with this system!!! Such a simple feature wouldn’t take much more work from their software engineers. Thinking of returning it and getting a traditional AV receiver that doesn’t short-change me on the listening modes.

    Originally posted on

  6. 3 out of 5

    George K

    Great sounding bar, but with lots of glitches

    Excellent sounding soundbar with outstanding clarity on dialogue & low-volume sounds even in quiet scenes. Incredibly wide soundstage (I assume the side-firing speakers may have to do with this) that make you feel enveloped in sound. And for the best cinematic effect, play Atmos-encoded movies from iTunes (I feel that the Atoms Netflix shows leave a lot to be desired, although Lost in Space is easily one of their best – unclear if they are still working on their Atmos game) or Atmos / DTS:X trailers you can easily download from the web.

    Set up was a breeze, although all cords (for the bar itself, sub & surrounds) are too short & bulky (you can’t thread them through speaker stands).

    Now it looks like I am having the same issue as other reviewers have noted, with the sound dropping out of the blue when watching content from my Apple TV 4K (This inputs to the N950 via a high speed 48Gb Belking HDMI, and the bar is connected with the supplied Samsung HDMI cable to a 2016 65″ 4K HDR Samsung). Haven’t had issues with sub & surrounds getting unpaired (also seems to be a common complaint), but frequently the bar seems to have a mind on its own, and keeps switching back to the ARC source, even though a Netflix show is playing on the Apple 4K TV (on the HDMI bar input).

    Hope these glitches can be resolved soon, so I won’t have to return mine.

    Originally posted on

  7. 3 out of 5


    Great soundbar BUT has issues with Dolby Vision

    In general this is a very high quality soundbar with top-of-the-line construction. It’s actually quite heavy, and feels nice and rugged. Good looks too. The sound is crisp and clear and voices are not muddled or muted.

    We have HDMI drop-out issues with our AppleTV 4k using Dolby Vision. After about 30 minutes to 1 hour, the audio will totally drop out and/or the video will go all pixelated. Thinking this was a problem with the HDMI cables, we purchased the highest quality 18 Gbps cables from Monoprice and that didn’t solve the problem. Just replaced the AppleTV with a brand new one and it’s still happening. TV is a 2018 LG OLED C8 65″. Seems like there is a firmware glitch with the soundbar that needs addressing ASAP. If you’re planning on using Dolby Vision beware. Hopefully Samsung will address this soon!!

    Originally posted on

  8. 1 out of 5


    Samsung HW-N950 no subwoofer with LPCM or 2.0 chan

    I bought this before 7 days and now I am going to return it.
    The WH-N950 works without problems only with Dolby Atmos sources.
    All other sources are not correctly upmixed and the rear columns and sub-woofer are now working.

    Originally posted on

  9. 5 out of 5


    Awesome Soundbar

    I love most everything about this soundbar. I’ve always had nice 5.1 or better systems with receivers. I recently moved to a new house and purchased a 4k TV. My receiver was missing many newer features that I now wanted (4k pass-through, Atmos). I was debating purchasing a new receiver and Atmos capable speakers, but didn’t want to spend the money on gear that would take up more space in the living room and require wiring. I’d never been much of a fan of soundbars, but read reviews on the HW-N950 and was hooked.


    Setup was super simple—plug the soundbar, sub, and surrounds into power, then connect the soundbar to TV ARC via HDMI. You can also connect two HDMI cables to it and pass through to TV, which I tested and had no issues with.

    Design is beautiful. It’s heavy (in a good way) and is a perfect look for me. I love that when Atmos is detected, it scrolls across the little display on the front-right.

    Sound is incredible. Anything in Atmos is beautiful. I’ve literally closed my eyes and listened to sections of movies multiple times because I could not believe how great it sounded. Music sound really good as well…instruments are much clearer than with my old system. Acoustic, EDM, and country music all rock through the soundbar. Bass is strong and most always well balanced.

    Video pass through had no issues. HDR in general comes through as does Dolby Vision. Once I tested these features I switched to only using the soundbar connected to ARC on my TV, so I can’t say I’ve used pass through extensively.

    Price—this one will be debated, but this is a good price for what you get. To replace my receiver with an Atmos 4k pass through equivalent and buy Atmos capable speakers would cost twice as much. I have no cables running around the living room (wife happy), great performance, and saved money overall.

    General use is simple and I love it. I turn my TV on, soundbar comes on, and vice versa. I’ve connected my phone via Bluetooth and haven’t had any issues. Some people may want more than 2 HDMI ports, but using with ARC means there is no real need…it would also add to cable management issues (more on that below).


    Cable management is a bit tough if you are going to use the two HDMI-in ports on the soundbar. There is not much space, causing less-flexible HDMI cables to put pressure on the HDMI ports. In-wall rated HDMI cables, for instance, are rigid and have to bend awkwardly out of the back of the soundbar. I’m not sure why they don’t have the HDMI ports sticking straight out of the back…that would help. It would also be helpful if the power and input cables weren’t on opposite sides of the soundbar, but that may be to reduce the chance that power would interfere with or degrade input/output signal.

    Price—not really a con for me, as I think the value of this product is so high, but it is still the cost of a decent laptop or mini vacation.

    Calibration—for this price, I really wish a calibration/configuration tool was provided. The last few receivers I’ve bought have come with microphones and apps that auto-calibrate sound based on your room and seating position. This thing sounds amazing out of the box without any changes, but I’d appreciate an automatic way of optimizing.

    Other thoughts—

    I’ve read complaints about the Samsung app that people are using to connect to or manage the soundbar from their phones. I looked up the app from my iPhone and it had bad reviews, so I didn’t download it and don’t plan to. I’m not sure why you’d want or need an app for this, as it’s so simple to setup and use without. Maybe if it offered auto-calibrate or other cool features, but AFAIK it does not. It is unfortunate that people base some of their review on Samsung’s app and not on the soundbar itself.

    I have not connected it to WiFi, as I do not want it to auto-update firmware. If I see an update that contains features I want, I’ll give it a shot, but no need right now.

    If you want a clean, minimalist look, crazy-good Atmos, 4k pass-through, and overall great sound…. this soundbar is for you. Buy it!

    Originally posted on

  10. 2 out of 5


    Many bugs!

    I bought this yesterday. Had it up and running great, except after upgrading the firmware to 1003, the screen goes black and the the movie completely stops no matter what app or source I use. This will happen 10 – 15 times during a movie. Tried several different movies, and several different devices and I get the same results. 1003 Firmware broke my soundbar completely. I will be bringing this back to today and purchasing a competing system.

    Originally posted on

  11. 5 out of 5


    Excellent alternative to component system

    Replaced a 7 speaker system and it wasn’t as much of a step back as I anticipated. Great effects, solid performer. Great for the “space challenged” room. Expensive, but bought it on sale (25% off) so not too bad for value.
    Tip: Connect to HDMI through Dolby Atmos capable unit (I used an Xbox One).

    Originally posted on

  12. 5 out of 5


    this is awesome sound bar ! very clean sound

    zero white noise and extreme sound quality !
    especially dolby atmos and upscaling must be great feature

    Originally posted on

  13. 5 out of 5


    Samsung out does the competition again

    First of all when we first got it, it was all stuffed in boxes. So at first I had my doubts. With its array of speakers, the Samsung HW-N950 stands a good chance of delivering on that. There are 18 speakers in total across the multi-box package, comprising a soundbar (with six drivers and three tweeters along the front, a side-firing speaker at each end, and two upfiring speakers); a wireless subwoofer (20cm bass unit); and two rear wireless modules (each with an upward-firing and front-facing speaker). So enay could go wrong with that many su s m tweeters. For a multi-box system, the Samsung HW-N950 is remarkably straightforward to set-up. That’s thanks to the seamless automatic connection between the bar, subwoofer and rear modules. Power them on and everything pairs up in seconds. And your house or apartment will rumble on anything you watch. It’s a great system. Voices are solid. In fact, everything about the Samsung’s presentation is. And even when the soundbar is pushed to its higher volume potential.HW-N950 soundbar combines excellent Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support with a genuine 7.1.4-channel performance, thanks to a wireless subwoofer and rear speakers. Solid build quality and a decent set of features help justify the price tag, with only a lack of room equalisation and the number of HDMI ports worth criticising. Samsung has also embraced voice control using Amazon Alexa (note, it’s not Bixby, as found on Samsung phones). All you need to do is setup the N950 via the Skills in the Alexa app, enable Samsung Wireless Audio, then select devices in Smart Home and discover the N950. This will enable the 3PDA skills and you can start controlling your N950 by simply using your voice. Voice control is still developing, but it does work as long as Alexa understands the nature of your command. We haven’t had any trouble with Alexa connecting or using voice it’s a great feature. Probably one we will see more of. HW-N950 houses all of its physical connections in a recessed section on the underside of the soundbar. Theres two HDMI ports (four would of been nice!). There’s also an optical digital audio input, along with a USB port for service updates, and a connector for the two-pin power cable. If you love music like my family does ( still waiting on the n700 hint hint) then these will blow you away, TV or movies are something else with Samsung’s HW-N950 and the QLED . So in conclusion I whould recommend this to anyone out there who is looking for the best.  

    Originally posted on

  14. 4 out of 5


    Great Soundbar with ATMOS

    I’ve had this for a couple weeks now and this is a great soundbar with ATMOS support. Unfortunately, limited number of inputs, and lack of “upscaling” when ATMOS input is detected cause it to fall short of an excellent recommendation.

    – Extremely easy to set up. Unpack, plug in, and you’re good to go.
    – Wireless rear (surround) and subwoofer
    – Smart things integration
    – Works with Alexa (via another alexa device and some setup)
    – ATMOS sounds great
    – “Surround” and “Smart” mode when available makes music and any audio input “full” sounding.
    – Side firing speakers is cool

    – Lack of ATMOS content
    – XBox One issues:
    — not triggering “auto on” (is working with Apple TV)
    — cannot set to upscale audio to “surround” or “smart mode”
    – Something was “loose” inside the subwoofer (but it still works)
    – Should have more HDMI inputs (only has 2)
    – Expensive

    Unpacking and setting this up was straight forward. I liked the lack of wires (as compared to the previous setup with wires to each of the 5 speakers and subwoofer). After installing the Dolby App on my XBox One and following the directions on how to setup ATMOS with the Xbox, I watched some of the demos available in the app and the sound (and placement of sound) was absolutely amazing.

    When using “surround” or “smart” mode, the sound is amazing. Unfortunately, when the XBox outputs in ATMOS, the soundbar did not allow me to change the modes, this causes non ATMOS audio to sound less than “full”.

    I was able to connect it to Alexa and play music (Amazon) on it, however, a couple weeks into it, this feature stopped working. I could still control the soundbar (turn it on / off / switch inputs), but could not use Alexa to play Amazon music (radio stations still worked). After taking to Samsung support, I reset the soundbar and redid the setup, which fixed the issue. Connecting to it via bluetooth worked well and the sound was awesome.

    It is hard to justify purchasing this expensive product as there is not a whole lot of ATMOS content available and certain connected features can just randomly stop working. However, when everything works, the sound produced by this setup is amazing.

    Originally posted on

  15. 5 out of 5


    It’s almost like being in the movie!

    Wow, I was pleasantly surprised on the quality and power of this soundbar! I am a total movie nut and I must say, this was a great upgrade from what I had before for my 75″ Samsung TV and I thought I had something pretty awesome before! Obviously the Dolby Atmos is a large part of the difference I noticed and it was crazy good! It seemed like sound was coming from all around and above me at times and was just a wonderful experience for the whole family. Streaming music from my phone was a snap, what a great feature! The quality of the soundbar is top notch and very well made and strong, it should last a very long time. It looks fantastic as well. I am having a hard time finding something i do not like about these speakers but as for now I give it an A+. If you are loooking for a good quality Soundbar at an affordable price that wont break the bank this is your unit.

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  16. 5 out of 5


    Top Notch Soundbar

    I purchased this soundbar a few weeks ago to test this bad boy out! When the delivery driver dropped it off, I was stunned by the size of the box. This should bar is huge and weighs a good 20lbs. The setup is super easy and controls from a digital panel on the front of the soundbar. After getting a chance to listen to TV versus Movies versus Music, I was extremely pleased by the quality of sound from this setup. This surround sound setup is versatile and can be fit anything from a Theatre room to a regular family room. The price tag is big, the soundbar is huge, but this won’t be a purchase you’ll regret. Check a few things, make sure you have enough space and if you are planning on mounting this to your wall, make sure its something that supports more than 15lbs.

    Originally posted on

  17. 5 out of 5


    You no longer need a receiver with wires all over!

    When I moved into my new apartment, it was important to keep things clean and simple. So, I decided to sell my old audio gear and renovate to a wireless home theater. I originally bought a former soundbar device with wireless speakers, but it didn’t do Dolby Atmos or DTS, just plain Dolby Digital. I was quite happy for awhile, but when Apple TV released the new Apple TV 4K with Dolby Atmos, I knew I had to get a new updated soundbar. So, after a lot of researching, I decided on the New Samsung harman/kardon N-950 soundbar. I owned harman/kardan receiver in the past, so I knew this soundbar would have a great solid sound to it.

    It took me awhile to get a good clean connection, because I didn’t realize it was important to enable the HDMI-CEC on my Samsung Smart TV, in order to get the proper “handshake” connection. I found that enabling the “Smart” setting on the soundbar, really brings the center speaker and the sound effects to life than on “Surround” or “Standard”. Although, “Surround” brings the surrounds louder on regular TV broadcasts. Listening to Dolby Atmos and Blu-Ray discs with a DTS master shows how powerful the N-950 can be. You feel like you’re watching a movie with a regular receiver connected, and not a soundbar. I found that listening to Dolby Atmos on Amazon Prime can sound just as amazing as a regular Blu-ray with DTS-X. That’s what makes the Samsung N-950 shine!

    Originally posted on

  18. 2 out of 5


    Lots of glitches and issues – Don’t buy!!

    The sound bar sounds good when it works. But too often it doesn’t. Here are the issues that I experience often:

    1. It changes the source from HDMI 1 or 2 to TV ARC on its own while watching a content. This cause the loss of both audio and video.

    2. The rear speakers and the subwoofer disconnect too often. The blue lights stay solid blue indicating that they are connected, but they won’t work. It takes a full power down and restart to get them to work for a day before they do it again.

    3. While playing a regular song from iPhone or Spotify or YouTube, the rear speakers won’t generate ANY sound.

    I have videos of all of this which I will upload to YouTube shortly as evidence.

    I would not recommend anyone buying this system until Samsung fixes them. Many others are reporting the same issues.

    Originally posted on

  19. 5 out of 5

    Atmos Fan

    Awesome Soundbar

    I was initially worried about a few negative reviews and “issues” but decided to give the N950 a shot. For a soundbar, it’s OUTSTANDING! Once you have the settings on your TV (Arc, proper surround and Dolby) it performs beyond expectations. Issues that you may read about are likely related to improper tv/cable settings or HDMI cables. Perfect for our 15×20 room.
    A few more adjustments to each channel would be nice but using Dolby Atmos demos allows you to tweak through trial and error.

    Originally posted on

  20. 3 out of 5


    nice sound

    bought sounds nice.. smarthings will not connect so can not upgrade firmware use with my home apps…so sad.. been on forum others with same prob and they havent had prob resolve either… knowing this would have not bought..

    Originally posted on

  21. 5 out of 5


    Excellent Surround Sound, top of the line Soundbar

    I was skeptical about going from a AV receiver to a sound bar, hearing them in the store just isn’t what you will hear at home. That being said, this was the best decision I have made to buy this bar, it is even better than my AV system. the sound is outstanding and the perfect surround sound for my room, Very happy and I highly recommend.

    Originally posted on

  22. 5 out of 5


    best sound bar ever

    Review of Samsung N950 Soundbar
    Recently took delivery of the Samsung N950 soundbar.
    Packaging was substantial and on opening all components were found to be well protected and in perfect visual condition.
    Included was the Soundbar, Subwoofer,2 rear speakers, remote and all associated cables.
    Attached the soundbar to backing board screwed to the wall beneath our TV. Left the recommended 3” space below the TV to the top of the soundbar
    Found that this gave the most stable location for the soundbar and would recommend this if you have the space.
    (Make sure to take a note of the serial number before mounting the soundbar. It gets hidden and as I found out is not the same as shown on the outer packaging!!)
    The sub woofer and rear speakers all paired wirelessly with the main unit and initial setup was easy once the soundbar location was determined.
    Connected the Telus STB and Blu ray (Sony) to Soundbar HDMI inputs and connected soundbar output to ARC input on TV (LG OLED)
    Initial sound from TV was limited to soundbar only with zero sound from the rear speakers. Checked all settings and found to be in order.
    Then checked Blu-ray with Celtic Thunder DVD. This produced some very faint sound from the rear speakers but had to put your ear right up to them to hear anything!
    Downloaded two test Atmos clips and played them through the Blu-ray and this then showed the full capability of this system. What a difference. The whole room was filled with sound that moved right around you.
    Realised at this point that this was what true surround sound should be and not just an interpretation of what it should be. My first two test tries were certainly not true surround sound.
    Checking the settings on the soundbar I settled on the smart setting and found this to be best at what it is supposed to do and pick the best reproduction for the input source.
    I also changed the connections to both the STB and the Blu-ray player to the TV inputs with only the ARC connection from the Soundbar to the TV. This did not change any of the quality of the output but corrected an annoying connection problem in that, when powering on, the Blu-ray player would always turn on automatically and if TV was the choice one had to power down the Blu-ray and change inputs back to the TV
    I am not sure whether this will work with all TV’s but certainly OK for the LG
    Played an Atmos movie through the Netflix app on the TV and full “Atmos” came through and confirmed by the Atmos logo showing on the display of the soundbar.
    Have been using this for two weeks now I find that the regular TV channels sound is far better and clearer. Much wider sound field in the front particularly and, when detected, true rear sounds are very accurately heard from the rear speakers. Makes listening to all content much better.

    This is certainly the best soundbar that I have ever heard

    Originally posted on

  23. 1 out of 5


    Great soundbar horrible subwoofer and rear speaker

    If you really listen to the rear speakers and subwoofer you’ll hear a weird static like noise coming from them. I bought the n950 from best buy and returned it 7 times with each set having the same problem. Finally I sent it in to Samsung and its currently being worked on. Will update once I get them back. Other than that problem I will say that overall it has great sound but if you put your ear to the rear speakers for a few minutes you’ll hear the sound and eventually you’ll hear it no matter where you are in the room.

    Originally posted on

  24. 2 out of 5


    Bad rear speakers, wont advise

    Happy with the soundbar, not with the rear speakers , went for repair because of low sound rear speakers. returned to me with the same problem, almost no sound from rear speakers, while the motherboard been replaced. I believe its the soundbar itself that have not got the future to use all speakers to listen music..

    Originally posted on

  25. 1 out of 5


    Sounds great but too many cutouts

    The system sounds amazing and exceeded expectations on that front. However, despite hours troubleshooting on my own and with tech support, I was not able to resolve an issue where the audio/video cuts out. This was intermittent and seemingly random, but would occur on average every 10 minutes or so. Not only was it annoying, but you’d miss key audio/video during these cutouts for seconds at a time. It occurred with streaming apps through my TV, a separate Roku device, and a Bluray players, connected to the TV or directly to the sound bar. I ended up returning the device.

    Originally posted on

  26. 2 out of 5


    HMDI issues prevent this from being great

    TLDR short version: If you don’t own a Samsung TV, this sound bar will probably cause you headaches.

    Extremely powerful was the experience I got when it worked. I was able to get the device to function while using a non-Samsung TV, however, I had to disable full color UHD to make this work. This means no HDR.

    Dolby Atmos sounds great on this. The rear speakers are very powerful and the sound bar is incredible. It’s big at about 48 inches, so make sure you have space. my 65 inch tv’s legs were barely wide enough to support this.

    If you have a low profile tv, this may block the bottom part as it is about 8 centimeters(3.1 inches) tall.

    The HDMI plugs are in this little cubby-hole and are a bit cumbersome to plug in.

    Some bugs I encountered:
    1. When using HMDI ARC to pass television antenna sound from the tv to the soundbar, there was a hiccup in sound every 2 seconds. It was intermittent but didn’t go away.
    2. When using HDMI video pass through, the video did not work at all the first couple times I tried. It was finally identified that when using the full color UHD setting on the tv’s inputs, that causes the HDMI signal to completely fail.

    My ratings below explained:

    1. Features: this sounds bar has more features then at other sound bar on the market. It’s the leader of the pack and deserves 5 stars.
    2. Performance: Due to the sound bar not working, the performance was tested with video settings turned down. This allowed the sound to pass through. HDMI pass through and ARC should be easy things to get right today.
    3. The sound bar looks a sound bar, and the wireless design(one cable) makes it excel in this area.
    4. For the price you are paying at $1600 – this sound bar should work flawlessly in all setups. It didn’t do that for me, so it’s not worth the money.

    Pros Section: The choices selected here are a bit strange, but I’m choosing the best fits.

    Cons: The only con is that this device did not meet my expectations.

    Originally posted on

  27. 1 out of 5


    Does not work as advertised

    When the system works, it sounds good. Unfortunately, it almost never works. The wireless speakers will often disconnect. Sometimes the video doesn’t work. The front display is too small. It doesn’t have a way to directly set the source via IR (meaning Harmony integration is poor). It’s difficult to determine what audio mode is being used. There are only two HDMI inputs and they are hard to get to. It is difficult to wall mount.

    Frankly, this is one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. I got it for the 7.1.4 configuration, dolby atmos, and great sound. But the hours I’ve spent getting the sound bar to work are simply not worth the hassle. At this point I could have run wires to separates, patched and painted the drywall, and had a better sounding, more reliable system. I do not recommend buying this system.

    Originally posted on

  28. 4 out of 5


    Great sound when watching a blue ray DVD

    I recently purchased this product and was okay with the sound quality while watching bell fibe tv on demand movies .
    Considered returning this product because of the lack luster performance while watching tv.
    But after trying it with a blue ray DVD this system shines and was very impressed !
    Easy to set up and get up and running.
    At 2000 dollars plus extended warranty and taxes , which puts the total over 2500.00 Canadian, I expect it to be impressive.

    Originally posted on

  29. 2 out of 5


    Great product but!!

    Sadly I only owned the products for 3 weeks and I love everything about it but sadly the product after 2 weeks after receiving it it became unresponsive and would not work! I tried everything and then called the support and they had me send the product in for inspection and I’m sad because I didn’t have it for even a month and it started to act up. Sadly the return shipping gat delayed due to bad weather but I’m sad because I paid so much for this product and I’m not satisfied with my service with how much I paid!

    Originally posted on

  30. 3 out of 5


    Great Soundbar, not so great rear spearkers!

    I bought this soundbar to go along with my QLED Q7. It is a mixed bag.

    When I first set it up, I had nothing to test out Dolby Atmos. When watching cable TV, the soundbar itself sounds good, but the subwoofer and rear speakers are almost inaudible. I literally had to put my ear to the rear speakers to hear anything (even when turned up to the max). I didn’t even think that the Subwoofer was working.

    After a ton of research, I placed the subwoofer in the appropriate spot and finally got some bass. I watched some Netflix on 5.1 (Netflix Atmos DOES NOT WORK on Samsung TV), and things sounded better (the rear speakers are still static, but better).

    After days of research, I went out and got an XBOX and I stream Netflix via my XBOX and I finally have Atmos.The Soundbar and sub sound really good when using Atmos but the rear speakers are very underwhelming. Please note that I had previously bough the Bose 700 and that sounded better than this system (of course my Bose would not work well with my Samsung TV – so I returned the Bose because I love the TV).

    I don’t understand why Samsung doesn’t fix the rear speaker volume problem. The problem is well documented. Please let us increase the volume of the rear speakers, even when using Atmos, the rear speakers are just OK. When watching anything other than Atmos, the rear speakers are inaudible. If they would just fix that issue, this sound system would be great.

    It was also really difficult to get Atmos Content. You have to do a ton of research before you figure out ways to obtain that content (literally hours of research).

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